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So I Got Lip Injections, Beware Scary Images!

Most of you will probably scroll straight to the images which is fine I'm guilty of doing that too sometimes but if you have stayed to read then hello and thank you!

Now I've never really had a problem with my lips but after years of using lip plumper's that never seem to work as well as I'd like i soon started looking into lip injections just to have a slight more umph to my lips. I'd talked myself out of doing this for so long after reading horror stories and knowing i don't have a real problem with the shape and look of them, edging closer to Christmas i really wanted to do something for me and something to make myself just feel good so myself and a friend booked an appointment and took the yolo lifestyle. Here's an old selfie before they were done...

At the consultation i expressed how i do really like my shape but id just like them to appear more plump and also i didn't like how when i smiled my top lip would shrink to near nothing. The aesthetic nurse practitioner who I'd done my research on was so lovely and kept me calm, i opted to have 0.5 mls which is the least amount which she stated will do just what i was asking for. After the numbing cream had done its job i laid back and kept my eyes closed the whole time, you may be wondering was it painful? Well.. I'm not going to lie, yes it hurt but it was a bearable pain that didn't last too long and the feeling of the filler going in was the worst just because of how weird it felt. When it had finished and i took my first look i loved them that much that it shocked me, but now for the part i was warned about.. Bruising and swelling, some people bruise a lot or not at all but i was somewhere in between and same with swelling too.

Top picture is a few hours after with bruising, and bottom is 24+hours after with bruising and my most swelled time of them healing.

You may be thinking ouch did they hurt after but no not at all, the swelling in the bottom picture looks scary but that swelling only lasted a few hours and wasn't uncomfortable, whereas the bruise on my top lip did last around a week and half but abit of lippy covered it nicely. Now for a month later...

With and without lipstick 

I still really like them and I'm so happy i tried them out, Lip injections last for around 4-6 months depending on your metabolism so then next question is will i get them done again and yes i think i will do especially now i know I've had a very safe and controlled experience then i don't see why not. 
So many things can go wrong so please if anyone gets them done do your research and be prepared. I've never been against having any work done to yourself as long it really is for me and nobody else, there may be people thinking love yourself for who you are and they are completely right too! I have so many insecurities that i wish i could change and if i had that chance to get them changed or fixed then i would jump at that. I would never do anything extreme, i always want to stay my natural self but small things as i see them as improvements other than changes.

If anyone was thinking about getting their lips done then my main advice is to take time to think about and ask friends or family their opinions because the most honest will really help you and if you still want to do it then you will know your really doing it for you and that's what matters.

When i first told my mother she said the best thing... "I'd prefer it if you didn't because your already beautiful but i cant and wont stop you so i will support you if you decide to do it" So i did you, well i was always one to go against what my parents wanted oops ha ha. still to this day she says she cant even see a difference but i think she's just secretly a lil salty that i did it, sorry mum no more for a long time!

if you've anything small done share your stories with me too and lets be friends!

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