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I'm Back!!

Hello again blog world and hello to 2018! Please bare with me as i try and integrate myself back in, if you've only just stumbled across my little blog then welcome I'm Jessica, 23 and a single mum to one gorgeous little boy (Leo) who is now 4. I love beauty, fashion, all the girly things but mostly i love being a mother and everything that comes with the title even including the hard times (they teach us a lot). I pride myself on being a strong independent women who is constantly building myself on becoming the boss babe i feel i will be. Want to ride with me then let's be friends!

If you've followed along with me last year then hello again I'm ever so sorry to leave you so abruptly, my lifestyle has changed ever so slightly but i can get into that at a later date but my main reason for taking unplanned time out was for my son. You may already know but he was on the autism pathway and later on in the year i had a lot of hospital appointments, meetings and meltdowns to deal with. Leo had also started having more seizures which caused his behaviour to change for weeks at a time.
The 21st of December 2017 was the day he was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder , a disorder i always knew was coming. Any parents with autistic children out there may understand this but after receiving the news even though i knew we was going to get it, i soon started grieving the life i thought we would always have even from the day i saw those two lines on a stick. Life never is how you expect it, for me it has turned out to be the right life for me. 

I love my Leo with everything i have and making him happy is what i live for, i will be getting into him and his disability in a later post. 
Today I'm back and here with a strength that i had wiped out of me towards the end of last year, but it's here to stay only this strength is a whole lot stronger!

I do hope everyone had a great a great Christmas a new year but lets all keep looking forward a take life as it comes together.

I have loads of exciting things planned this year and i will be sharing our journey with you all, but i also still have a great passion for makeup, beauty and fashion styling so there will be some of them thrown into the mix too. If it's something you think you'd like to read every so often then follow along with OnJessica I'd be delighted to have you!

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