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Sensse Go! Mini Sonic Cleansing Brush

Hey, I'm back with more Sensse !! This time i have been testing out this mini sonic cleansing brush perfect for on the go and travelling but just like last time with the Sensse Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush (read post HERE) i will be letting you in on few things about the brush before i tell you how i got on..

  • Travel-sized for on the go fresher smoother and softer skin 🎀. 
  •  Fights acne and blemishes by exfoliating dead skin cells 🎀. 
  • Water proof so can be used in the shower or bath with a built in battery that is easily recharged with the included USB cable 🎀.
  •  2 brush heads and 2 speed settings to choose from depending on your routine 🎀. 

So How Did I Get On..

So again the brush came fully charged and in the beautiful white box with rose gold details. I was so excited to use this brush because unlike the other this will take off all your make up minus the eyes but with all the makeup i play around with some days i was really nervous about staining or ruining the brush.

Firstly i took off my eye make up with a gentle make up remover then started on my face, now i had a lot of matte foundation on so i definitely put it to the test on my first use. I put cleanser on the middle of the brush turned it to low speed and away i went, I'm so glad that this brush is waterproof because as i learnt from my first use when its put on the high speed cleaner and water will spray off the brush everywhere plus the brush gets so packed up with face make up that its so easy just dunk in some water to wash some off and go again. My main worry was staining the beautiful brush and making it look ugly but I've used this every day for a week and its still perfectly white which is great!

Now the other brush head which is for exfoliation which is only recommended for once a week compared to the cleansing brush which is ideal for everyday use, it's pretty easy to use after removing make up and isn't too harsh on the face either. After using both brush heads my face felt as if it had given me brand new skin, it felt so soft and amazing.

I've been going back and forth to think of which brush i prefer either the silicone or the sonic but i just can't decide so i use the silicone in a morning and the sonic on an evening. This routine gives me beautifully prepped skin ready for make up and clean radiant skin on and evening after removing my make up. Perfect! 

Any questions about this sonic cleansing brush then please ask!

 I'm really enjoying my new skincare regime thanks to Sensse, let me know your favourite part of you skincare regime?

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