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My Son Was Rushed To Hospital

Firstly i really want to thank everyone that sent Leo well wishes, whilst he was resting on the ward i went through messages which kept my mind positive which is just what i needed for him, so you really are the best guys!

Back Story, Before Thursday 

Although it may have been a shock to most people it wasn't for me, you see Leo has been rushed to hospital a number of times because back then it was explained to us that when he becomes ill hes prone to seizures which are named 'Febrile Convulsions'. These are seizures that are brought on by a fever but children grow out of them by the age of 5, he's only 3 and has already had quite a few which don't get any easier to deal with. Not every seizure he's had has put him into hospital because they can he dealt with safely and quickly at home but watching your child fit whilst counting minutes is something i never imagined having to do, if he was to seizure for longer than 5 minutes that could affect the brain so any longer than 2 then 999 is called.

Thursday 29th June

Leo had woken up with a bit of a runny nose but seemed completely fine in himself, with the rain pouring outside something was telling me not to send him to nursery with it being his last day for the weekend anyway (only now i know it must have been my mothers instinct). Starting off with our gloomy day in, Leo was running around playing after breakfast and seemed so happy and almost hyper but things changed instantly. Leo sat down with his iPad in his hands with train videos playing so i decided it was the perfect time to get dinner ready but when i looked over at Leo once more his eyes were looking to the ceiling with his head slowly going back. I picked him up which made him go completely floppy, his eyes were wide open but he was completely unresponsive. Although he wasn't fitting i put him down on the floor in the recovery position to watch his breathing but also get ready for a seizure, because this episode was so totally different i didn't wait for a fit i was on to 999 straight away within a minute of seeing him unresponsive because i just knew something wasn't right.

The ambulance had arrived and told me something that made me worry so much more, there was no temperature (it was 36.4) so i knew it couldn't have been his usual Febrile Convulsion which he usually has. His blood sugars were low but not crazy low, his oxygen levels were fine but the team were worried by the paleness he had gone. He also had a shiver type seizure whilst the ambulance team were with me which after forced him to close his eyes and become sleepy which is normal for after a seizure. Although he was stable he was still unresponsive so we got into the ambulance fast and with the blues on we were on the way to hospital, the team had pre told the hospital on the way because there was no way of knowing what was going on with him. Once we had arrived the A&E staff were waiting outside for his arrival which made me feel scared but safe, i ran in after the docs trying to keep up and when Leo made it to the bed there were what felt like a million nurses and doctors which followed with lots of questions and lots of wires and needles. It was definitely the scariest rush to hospital I've ever experienced with Leo but deep down i knew he was going to be fine.

I had to explain how Leo was on the autism pathway which involved global development delays and also a communication disorder so when he does wake he wont be able to answer questions or even understand, he has little speech there which isn't used properly so its all about knowing him and understanding him on a personal level. Once Leo was completely stable we had a brief hello from him before going off to sleep again, he was then able to be moved to the observation ward to await results and to kept monitored. His colour had came back in his skin and i felt reassured that he would be ok, all results and bloods came back completely normal but the big test was to see how he would wake up and how he would be in himself because they were worried he could either slip in a seizure or still not seem right. 

Diagnosis And going home

Once Leo had woken up and got through the moody grumpy stage of waking he was so himself from the laughs to the smiles and even the singing, he even roared once asking him what a dinosaur says (that's something i use at bed times and my way of knowing hes okay if he wasn't spoke in a while). 
The doctor came and decided with the way he had woken up she was happy to send us home which was the best news but first we had to sit down to be told what had gone down and what will happen now...

Leo had his first A type Febrile Convulsion which wasn't brought on by anything although with him having a slight runny nose, that meant his defences were lowered which can make them come on more. As i said earlier Leo has global development delays so they now want testing on his brain to see what could be going on with all these seizures and delays he has. I was also told that because he's on the autism pathway which indicates a possible full diagnosis of autism after all testing that autistic kids are very prone to seizures and he may never grow out of these. In 3 months he will have his brain tests to determine how to deal with his seizures in the future but for now we have been advised to ring 999 with any of them although there still is a chance he wont have any either in the 3 months or all together but in reality preparation is a must, if anyone knows anything about seizures like these they are so totally unexpected and can't be determined.

After finally getting home Leo had a bath and put a fresh pair of pj's on, he seemed happy to be home and watched his fave film in bed (cars). I was so scared and worried all night constantly watching him but i also felt glad that i was the one worrying, I'm glad he's too young to really understand yet because he doesn't deserve any of this and I'm trying to keep positive hoping we get good news that could stop these. 
The day after Leo had gotten a real case of diarrhoea which told me he has a tummy bug which was also another question answered... i was wondering why a slight runny nose could bring his defences so low to seizure but now we know he was also getting poorly from a bug too.

Leo is now completely happy and healthy which is what i will be concentrating on because that is the only thing that really matters! 

Thank you all for reading i will update in the future with any news and answers that we get.

 I love this little boy with all my heart, he's the bravest which makes me so proud. Leo makes me feel so passionate about being his mummy and i hope to be the hero he needs forever! 
Here's to the boy who deserves the world and more!!

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