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Making Movie Nights Extra Special

Hey !! I hope everyone is having a lovely week, for me it hasn't been the worst but it also definitely hasn't been the best. Summer holidays have officially kicked off here and with a big routine change like this comes lots of meltdowns so i think by the end of this week I'll either be fully grey or have just pulled all my hair out, by week 2 things will be better (hopefully).

So although i have a few exciting reviews come up, in these summer holidays i will be incorporating more mummy type posts and share what we've been up to and maybe give others ideas too. Most will be up across social media first so make sure you follow and keep connected >

Family Movie night

So the first weekend of the holidays i wanted to do something a little extra special to celebrate but the weather was awful so i actually looked across pinterest to see any indoor activities to do then i found a movie night, now i know having a movie night for me at least is like almost every night but pinterest inspired me and gave me more ideas of how to make it special and different, if i gave myself more time i could of made it so much more magical but being my excited self i wanted it for the very next evening. First i had to make cute signs, paint a cardboard box black and go to the shops to get a few other supplies.

Although there is just me and Leo it's good to buy big packs of things so these nights can be repeated. Next was to set up the snack table and position the signs ...

Where's the popcorn?! Well Leo actually doesn't like popcorn and well i kinda forgot about myself when getting a few snacks so i stuck to my green juice and peanuts while Leo had his blackcurrant juice, magic stars and party rings. Next was to create a cosy place to watch his selected favourite movies... 

I originally wanted to have some sort of mattress on the floor but last minute i grabbed as many duvets , pillows and blankets. The outcome was pretty great and as you can see Leo found it pretty comfortable and chilled.

After watching 2 of his most beloved movies he actually fell to sleep downstairs right there which is very unlike him so i know he was cosy and happy. After carrying the cutie to his bed i actually stayed on the floor bed for another hour by myself to watch big brother (last minute me time, Needed!)  I think next time i may just do this idea but make it a movie day because the movie night was so lovely that it just didn't feel long enough.

Let me know your favourite things to do on movie nights !

Coming up next... Leo's first time at the cinemas, because he really enjoyed movie night and as you can see by his pj's he's a huge cars fan so i will be taking him to see cars 3, so if any mums have any advice for a child's first cinema trip get in touch!!

Coming up in the holidays... Planning a day/2 days trip to the seaside via train (he loves trains) so posts or advice on essentials to take would be great too!

Thank you for reading 
Jessica And Leo 

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