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An On The Go Mum- OOTD

Hey!! I feel like I've had such little time for blogging lately which I hate because this is my little escape and I enjoy it so much but hopefully I'll soon put together a schedule and up my game. Today I've decided to jump back in with a fashion post, now you may expect such lovely summer outfit but well I live in the UK and one week you may feel like wearing clothes is unbearable with the heat and other weeks like this one you can't layer enough because of the cold rainy depressing weather. Its more cold than warm here and with this bipolar weather you need to be prepared, putting an outfit together every morning to match the weather is a task in itself but to do it fast while getting the little one ready for nursery is even more frustrating and hard. I'd love my outfit to always be so put together and in your face amazing but one thing I learnt when becoming a mum is to always choose comfort as much as possible, so this is a typical ME outfit....
Primark Zip Hoody - £7.00
Size 12
These jacket/hoodies are the best things to have in your wardrobe because they can be thrown on with almost everything, me and my little boy have quite a few different coloured ones because we like to match. I always shop at Primark mainly for my more simple yet essential pieces like this.
Size 10
Tops like these are amazing because they can be dressed up or down as well as going with such a variety of outfits, I'm the type of girl who doesn't love wearing too much colour and sticks to mainly monochrome so tops like these are a staple in my wardrobe.
Size 12
My collection of jeans is huge because I wear them almost every day, when people say what's your style? I say I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl because it's super fast and simple, plus there's not much thought needed. Don't get me wrong I do love dressing up and making effort but I never get much time/days to do so but a trendy pair of jeans like these still make an outfit look good and there's nothing better than stretching comfy ones which I'm always wearing.
Size 5 (38)
These are my favourite part from this outfit, they always say shoes are what makes an outfit and I completely agree. Classic white trainers are a great staple to have but what's cool about these are that they're actually espadrilles so they give that slight summer feel to an outfit as well as keeping that comfort feeling. These are my newest pair to my shoes collection and already I've had so many compliments whilst out and about and also had a staff member at my sons nursery say they want to steal them because they like them, so wearing these give me such a boost of confidence.
So that's my outfit of the day pretty summed up, let me know what you think and what your favourite piece is?
If you enjoyed this fashion post then keep a look out I have another coming very soon...

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