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Sunkissed Makeup Products

I've been using Sunkissed products for years with their tans being my fave, my first ever product i tried was when i was still in school, it was the bronzer in a tube which you pump out at the end which i actually still use today. Comment below if you can remember or still have this bronzer, my trick is to use this on your neck or chest if your face turns out a little too tanned after lots of effort spent on your makeup. With time comes new releases, improvements and changes so Sunkissed have decided to recently update their packaging and introduce new products and in my opinion they all look amazing. I really wanted to get my hands on the new packaging ideally the tans but if your anything like me and constantly living the budget/money saving lifestyle then i made it my aim to use up all my other tans before i purchase more and i'm still not quit there. When i did a little splurge on boohoo for a new weekend outfit i came across their new products and thought well why not so i chose 2 products which i completely love and boasted about over on twitter but with them now being used daily i think they deserve their own post, here's what i decided to try and now love..


In this palette you get a dark contour shade, a lighter bronze shade, a pink blush shade and a golden highlight shade. Along side the 4 pans in the palette you also get tips and tricks with easy instructions which is great for beginners. My very first reactions were that i thought i wouldn't use the darkest shade or the blush but after using them all the way they show it has made me never want to look back, they all go together perfectly and sit together very well. I love how it still gives a natural look but can be built for a more deepened look whilst still blending together perfectly.

Out of the 2 products this one i get more excited to use everyday i don't know why exactly because it isn't this first eyebrow product like this I've used but there's just something out this one that has just been making my brows looking pretty on point lately. The product itself stays round and pointed through time which i love, it glides on just the right amount perfectly and they stay all day. I've done thin hair stokes making them look super natural with this but I've also done deep statement brows so its definitely versatile.

Let me know which is your favourite and what Sunkissed product you love the most? if i haven't tried it then i may have to!

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