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Lee Stafford Ubuntu Oils Hair Dryer

A hair dryer that makes your hair feel repaired and restored? I was very sceptical before trying it out but first let me tell you everything you need to know about this beauty before i tell you how i got on...

What you need to know!

This dryer has a powerful 2300 watt which will dry your hair faster than a regular dryer, this is great for them early mornings rushing around to get ready for the day or them evenings when the little one is in bed and you just want to hurry and get to bed yourself.

The front of the dryer (the grille) is infused with Ubuntu oils all the way from from Africa to repair the hair after drying giving you no more damaged frizzy hair. So this hair dryer will fix your hair with nutrients? With these oils there's now nothing to worry about.

Ubuntu oils hair dryer includes 3 heat settings, 2 speeds and a concentrator nozzle to give more precision when styling. weighing only 524g it feels like your holding a regular bottle of pop so not heavy at all. The last function is the cool setting that will help hold your style all day after drying.

So how did i get on..

I usually stay away from drying my hair and stick to air drying as much as i can because of the damage they can cause, i mean we all get told the less heat the better right?. I originally owned the original pink Lee Stafford hair dyer which has done me great for a long time but when i got the chance to test this Ubuntu Oils dryer also by Lee Stafford out i knew id have to do it as soon as possible because I'm always open to trying anything that will save my hair or even just make my life a little easier.

My hair is naturally super fine so there is never any need to section my hair but overall it usually take me 15-20 minutes to dry my hair but with this one it took me exactly 8 minutes on lowest heat and highest speed which is incredible, low heat in that little time just wow. Now the oils is the one thing i wasn't sure about, i was inspecting the dryer like 'how? what?' Whilst drying, it all felt normal but afterwards i used the cold function to set the blowdry and the photos just don't do my hair justice, if only i could let you all feel it because I've been left with super soft and silky feeling hair! I already can't wait to use this dryer again.

Hours later i could still run my fingers through my hair with no tangles and one thing which has completely sold me on this hair dyer is that my son has been stroking my hair constantly repeating 'soft soft' so I'm going to be trying it out on him which he's so excited about.

Let me know your favourite Lee Stafford products, maybe i should try more...

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