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Things To Do In Your Spare Time

Spare Time,
Things to do...
Some of you may be thinking spare time well I don't get much of that especially if your a mum like me but when you do I think although its nice to chill and take some time out, it can also be smart to make the little time and effort to be productive. I've chosen 5 things I like to do either on an evening or in that odd hour in the morning..

1. Scrapbooking

I feel like scrapbooking/memory book making is very important especially with every memory now being documented via technology/social media but we can never see into the future and sometimes pictures and memories can sometimes be lost, but creating something like this for either yourself, family or your children means it'll always be there. My aim is to have 3 started this year, my first is a memory book for Leo which along with photos from special days also includes art work and awards from his nursery. The second I have just started is the above one which will include all his baby/toddler pictures, my third which I aim to get started soon will be one which if I can find will be a huge book which I can include all family photos and memories in that I can add to for quite a while.

This is a good activity to do in your spare time because there isn't any time limit to complete so you can spend half an hour to a few hours its completely up to you and the time you have. You could include you family and loved ones to help you out, sometimes my little boy likes to help me stick things down, also it is very productive because think in 1 year or even 10,20,30 years if they're kept safe they will make great bonding times for the family to reminisce on all the memories and maybe have a giggle at what we all looked like in the past. They also make awesome gifts and to be past on!

2. Catching up on your favourite Netflix series

These are my favourite series to date but if you read my last post you'll already know this so if you want to know more about each of these 6 series and why I love them then head to my last post (Best Netflix Series) to find out, if you haven't already.

I love starting a series because even though I mostly get really addicted and seem to watch a few episodes till my eyes are stinging on a late evening, they  also mean that you can just watch one in an afternoon if you have the spare time but most typical episodes are usually 45-60 mins long. Even if you don't have long sometimes I stick on an episode while having tea then stop it because when you next log on it'll start up right where you left off and that's what I love about Netflix.

3. Spring Cleaning/ Tidying Up

So, if your like me this is the dreaded one, my home is disguised exceptionally well a trick I learnt from being a kid (I got pocket money for tidying my room) sorry mum. It always looks tidy but in reality its always all just hidden well although by 4pm the whole place downstairs is scattered with toys, it really is a game of who trips first. Just after tea I always seem to have a bit of time where Leo is chilled and normally stays in one place so that's my time I usually tidy up not long before his bath time.

Now we can't get away from dust and dirt, that's something that needs to dealt with properly. Cleaning is not something you want to be doing in your spare time but what I've learnt is that if I don't use some of this time to clean I start stressing about finding the time to get these awful jobs done. I personally hate cleaning around my toddler due to potent products and always having a little one in the way makes it a slower process which can turn out to not being done. Leo goes to nursery which sometimes gives me a spare 2 hours in an afternoon to do the cleaning or if it's in the holidays like he is at the moment I do most of the cleaning on a evening when he's in bed or if he has an afternoon nap I try fitting some in.

4. Meal Planning

Meal planning actually feels like a bit of a chore for me because I have a super fussy eater and he can't eat new things, he has to stick to a number of things he likes or he will ether have a meltdown or just completely refuse to eat. Leo will just sit in front of his food on the table for hours without even looking at his plate until I give in and take it away so meal times can be very difficult. He likes only few foods and only likes them a certain way so meal planning is a must because sometimes we don't eat the same things.

I think the best time to meal plan is before you do a food shop so you can have some structure to your shopping list but to also keep you away from the things you shouldn't really be getting (too many treats). One of the best things about meal planning and why you should start is the fact you can save money by putting leftovers to good use, above picture is leftover beef and beansprout stew. If you want see a typical meal planned week from me and my little fussy eater just let me know and ill start working on one for the blog.

5. Photo Taking

Keeping up to date on instagram is a must for me so here's a little shameless plug here : Follow me, I aim to follow everyone back along with constant sharing of the love over there. I personally like to take my spare time to take a few pictures either for the gram or for the blog because I'm never satisfied with first but I'll only happy with the 56th which is probably just like the first (typical problem). I call my photo album my bank because when I need to get a blog post up then the pictures are there ready and waiting or if I need to update my instagram I have some pictures to choose from. I like to have them ready because I like to keep my instagram clean and bright so I like a nice clear background which means I need to take that little extra time to perfect either a classic selfie or food image, I still love to keep the authentic feel and keep things real whether that be on my story or keeping them last minute mummy photos.

Taking this time also goes hand in hand with scrapbooking because when you capture them special ones you can get them printed to keep forever, it's also very fun for me because I love photography and getting my little on in a photo when he's happy to.



That's all my 5 things I've chosen to share but tell me what you love to do in your spare time? I'd love to have more fun things to do...

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