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Best Netflix Series

Well in my opinion should I say... Let me know which is your favourite...

1. Pretty Little Liars
7 seasons (so far) I have re watched all seasons around 4 times now and getting super excited for the upcoming release of the last 10 episodes. This show is crazy addictive with it being nothing like you'd expect, it grasps you from the pure brilliance of the storyline as well as the twisted scenes that keep you wanting to know more.

2. 13 Reasons Why
This is one of the latest Netflix originals that has everybody is going completely crazy about, now I have to admit I'm only currently on episode 9 but with there being 13 I'm not too far off. This is by far the best thing ever to hit our screens, the story feels far too close to home as well as showing what young teens really have to go through. I feel that both younger and older generations need to see this to educate yourself because its very real-like, this could help a lot of parents too.

3. Stranger Things
So when I first started this I watched all 8 episodes that day with my mum, ironically it was soooo strange but that's what got us hooked. Everyone likes difference and lovable characters but don't let that mislead you because I couldn't have watched this alone, its quite scary and did make me jump and hide behind my pillow more times than I'd like to admit.

4. Gossip Girl
These high class teens have a life I'm sure most of us would of loved to have had but it's definitely not as easy as it all seems because it also shows all the dark and hard times that come along with the money and name with also still going through school. The most interesting part is the online anonymous blogger who writes themselves into the world that they don't necessarily fit into right away.

5. Orange Is The New Black
There's 4 seasons so far but with a new upcoming season this is also getting me pretty excited. I originally started this because I'd heard so many people going crazy about this but with the latest season being 13 episodes long and having watched them all the same day the season came out I can say I'm pretty obsessed. It shows a women's prisons with a more of a humorous feel but still keeping the seriousness in there.

6. Between
I started this one day while I found myself searching for something new I hadn't seen or heard about and right from the first episode I just couldn't stop watching. Unfortunately there's only 2 seasons with 6 episodes in each one and since finishing them for the second time I'm craving so hard for more to be added but we'll just have to see. Imagine being pregnant when your town gets quarantined because a mysterious disease is killing everyone from the age of 22 and above.. yes I know you already want to know more!

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