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L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation

Hello there everyone! It feels so nice to be back with a beauty post, so here's my review on the L'Oreal infallible total cover foundation. Seeing so many people speaking about this foundation as well as the new amazing advertisements that went along with the launch I just had to try it out for myself. Luckily I was on the search for a new foundation as I've been using the same for quite a while and I'm never one to always stick to what I know, I like to try new things and switch things up.
I wanted to get plenty of use before writing up a review especially when the first day trying it out I was really unsure, a matter of fact it was two days but by the third I was getting pretty excited to apply my make up because of this foundation. You might be thinking well why was you unsure at first well.. the foundation did everything it said it would and lasted so long, I even got asked what foundation I use which gave me more confidence in the foundation. BUT I went from using Nars all day luminous foundation which is a completely different texture, out-come and everything to the L'Oreal total cover which is why I think the first two days I was unsure, it was just big difference and change.
The L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation prides itself on being full coverage and lasting up to 24 hours, 100% this is full coverage I've even tried this on my wrist tattoo, for the 24 hour wear I haven't tested this but I definitely get a full days wear. Its actually pretty impressive that when it comes to taking my make up off, my face looks just as amazing as it did when I first applied it. The total cover foundation gives a matte finish which I love especially when I can get a little shiny throughout the day, I only like the have shine where I apply my highlighter. One thing I really want to say as well is the lightweight feel, the first week it almost confused me on an evening, my face feels the same with and without this foundation on my skin so I always double check to see if I have in fact taken off my make up. I have applied this foundation in many ways using different application methods but the way which I find fast and easier which is what I need is by using a flat top foundation brush which I purchased from amazon, it doesn't have a name or number but there's so many alike out there. This foundation is now a staple in my daily make up bag but I'm also on the lookout for a great brightening under eye power that would go great with this foundation, any recommendations?
Want to know what other products I used on my face in this photo comment below or tweet me. Let me know your thoughts on this foundation and any tips you may have.. Thanks Jessica X

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