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Food Favourites

Lets talk about food!

So if you have me on Instagram or Snapchat(jessicaxx) you will probably be able to tell what I'm loving or what I'm totally obsessed with but I think that my food favourites deserve their very own post along with more recognition. This post will include 2 mains and 2 treats..


I have been very obsessed with sushi lately and I thought I never would be because I always thought sushi was just for fish lovers but I've always hated fish. I was then introduced to sushi with no fish but although I was still thinking I wouldn't like it I still tried it anyway starting with just a vegetable pack first and I loved it so now I've moved onto trying all sorts of packs including this chicken and duck sushi which was delicious, its also healthy and low in calories which is a bonus.
Chicken salsa filled tortilla chips, these are incredible and at 2 boxes for £5 in Morrison's these are always ending up in my trolley. I'm also thinking of finding a way of making them myself because I think these would be super easy but I'm stuck on how the make the tortillas in cup like shapes so help me out if you have any ideas. My 3 year old also loves these along with some curly fries but I'm not going to lie I'm always trying to have these when he's napping so I can have them all to myself, ooops.


This box of chocolates were gifted to me by my mum but I mean I really didn't want to eat them at first because of how amazing and cool they looked. When having a box of chocolates there's usually a least favourite but in this box there wasn't I loved all the flavours and fillings. There's a range of white, milk and dark chocolates cubes all filled with different fillings, you can get these from Tesco for around £7.
These are my latest find that I'm loving so much, these are Mr Kipling Cocktail Fancies which are limited edition so I may just have to stock up on more soon. I love these little cakes because only 1 is needed to satisfy your sugar cravings, these fancies are all cocktail flavours and if you know me then you know I love cocktails. My favourite is the pina colada followed by mojito then the raspberry daiquiri, if you've tried these let me know your favourite..

That's all my Food Favourites right now!

Let me know yours and which of these are your favourite!

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