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DIY Mothers Day Gifts With Dylon

Hey lovelies, I'm back today with a little project I've been working on this weekend which I want to share with you guys. Dylon gave me the opportunity to create anything I wanted with my choice of coloured dyes, and just in time for mothers day too, I had chosen black blue pink and purple then first thing in the morning they had arrived...

It took me a while to choose what I really wanted to create because I had so many ideas I just wanted to do them all but then I thought what would my mum really like. I settled on a bag with a ribbon bow which would include a t-shirt inside, I jumped straight onto amazon and ordered plenty of plain bags and t-shirts because I really wanted to experiment and give you guys other options too, I also found ribbon laying around the house. This is the before and what I was working with...

When they first arrived in the post I started to panic because my main priority was my mums first and i'd never dyed or personalised anything before. I really wanted this to be a great mothers day gift so I looked through Dylon_uk Instagram for inspiration and watched YouTube videos for how tos with tips and tricks. My mums favourite colour is blue so I had decided on an ombre blue top with a blue bag and ribbon so they would match too, let me just tell you it was so easy and fun I loved it, this it how they turned out...

Because I knew she would read this before Mothers day she has already received her t-shirt in a bag gift set and really loved them enough to even take me to our closest Range where they sell Dylon dyes to buy me more colours to create more for her this week, she chose Burlesque Red, Bahama Blue and Emerald Green. (stay connected to see what I create with these colours) Next I wanted to show you another option you could make so I chose something more bright and fun but also something more challenging for me. Again I went for an ombre top with 2 colours and a tie dye bag with 2 colours, the pink and purple dyes and this is how they turned out...

These came out amazing, I love how anything comes out so original and you'll never see anyone else wearing the exact same. these would make such lovely gifts for mothers to show them that extra effort and thought for them. The best part of creating things with fabric dyes like Dylon is that its so easy and there's not any need to be careful and exact because imperfections makes them more perfect especially for a loved one like mums. Adding the dyed ribbons that I tied in a bow on the handles just gave them that little extra touch too. In my top picture you can see I also created a matching top and bag for myself in purple which made a great set for a proper mummy day with my little boy, snacks in my bag and a comfy fun t-shirt on.

I'd like to thank Dylon so much for sending me out some of your colours I've had so much creating these pieces and will be sure to create even more!

Like I did mention earlier my mum has loved me doing this little project enough to buy me 3 more colours to use this week so follow me on snapchat (jessica9xx) instagram (jessica9xx) or twitter (OnJessicaBlog) to keep up with what else I create. If you guys have also used Dylon sent me your pictures and show me your creations id love to see!

Also let me know which set was your favourite?..
1. Blue set
2. Pink and bright purple set
3. Purple set

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