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Celebrating Mother's Day- Diary Edition

Welcome to the first post of the diary edition that I've decided to add to my blog every so often, whether its my day for my feelings I want to share it'll be here. It may not be well structured as I want these posts to spill out my mind straight through the keyboard onto OnJessica. The first one will be telling you about how I have and will be celebrating mother's day, I apologise for not so great photos but these are from the day.

So mother's day is this weekend in the UK but unfortunately my mum has to work all weekend so we decided to celebrate on the Friday instead. She received her gifts from me and Leo too which was pretty exciting because I love gift giving, She also surprised me by having a card and gifts for me too as Leo is still too young to fully understand himself. She's such a thoughtful and amazing nan to Leo hes so lucky, head over to my instagram to see what I got. Overall we had a lovely morning..


 Before we set off to the next destination we had to take fresh new pictures because Leos constantly changing and so are we, I want Leo to look back on pictures because moments like these are memories I want to keep and more for him in the future.


I had booked a table at a restaurant/pub close by to us that we love but rarely get chance to go, of course cocktails were needed for us mums so we ordered a pitcher of raspberry fizz which was so delicious. Leo of course had his favourite blackcurrant fruit shoot, then the food came..

Me and my mum both ordered a Caribbean korma curry which was absolutely delicious and little man had his fave chicken nugs chips and beans, I would of ordered Leo something more like ours but he's so very picky with foods and because he has social difficulties I try to make everything as simple as I can for him when we're out, but omg he shocked me so much!..

You really couldn't ask for a better behaved child like the way Leo was, he didn't seem to really care about others around him which is actually a first for him and ate all his food himself with no help and no problems. Like most children all they want to do is leave the table and run around but this time he was pretty comfortable and didn't try to leave once, I also had his attention and had his eye contact throughout the whole meal which is also a first because for Leo being out in public I can completely lose that and it can be difficult to get it back.

We did plan on pudding but we were all to full so after a round of toilet trips and some silly mirror pictures in the ladies we were ready to leave. After leaving we headed to a park just behind the place to let Leo have some fun after being so well behaved and making the meal just that extra special. I couldn't of asked for better weather for our day, when getting to the park we soon realised we had the whole place to ourselves so if you have me on snapchat you may have seen me also having a bit of a laugh on the slide with Leo too. Straight after the park we headed home to cool down on the sofa and watch some Netflix.

It was such a simple but lovely day that overall just felt a little extra special, I do wish my mum didn't have to work on mother's day but I do get to spend it with my little boy and if your wondering what I'm doing then well.. I'm doing nothing! I thought about how I'd want to spend it and the years before I've taken Leo out and done something special just us two but this year especially in the last month our most favourite days have been the pj Disney days eating lots of food and playing with all his cars so that's just what I'll be doing!

Let me know what you think of this new diary edition concept and how you'll be spending or spent your mother's day.

Thank you for stopping by...

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