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Single Parent On Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Everyone..

There's no need to be unhappy on Valentine's Day and there's definitely no need to hate on others who are spreading so much cheesiness because that will be you one day even if you deny it now your day will come and you will love it so leave them to it. I've always looked forward to Valentine's from such a young age because I was always brought up learning that Valentine's can be about your closest loved ones not just being your partners and it's about spreading love and appreciation to others. So for many years I always made a card mainly for my mum most years untill I got my first boyfriend which really put the pressure on which is why I actually enjoy Valentine's when I'm not in a relationship, it's so much easier!
Love your family! 

Now I'm a lot older and past a few failed relationships I'm into my third year as a mum which has made my Valentine's game up it's self so much! Every year for my son I've made Valentine's gift bags with just a few things I know he'll love with each year being something different and seeing his face really brightens my day and makes my Valentine's just that extra special, here's this years bag he'll be opening up in the morning...

I don't think you can ever over do it on your Children but I think this years bag is just enough for my man to enjoy his day with me because untill he has the choice right now he's my Valentine's and I can guarantee we will be sharing his chocolates and watching his new DVD together whilst having the best cuddles ever.

Now Valentine's isn't just about gift giving even tho I do love the giving part and let's be honest the receiving! So after nursery I plan on taking my little guy for a meal for his favourite (chicken nugs) and treat him to any desert he wants, after his meal he'll be in a perfect mood to play with his hot wheel cars at home which then I will be having a nice cuppa coffee and chill in the warmth while watching him play and having abit of me time. Now I don't know what everyone's ideal Valentine's is but this is 100% mine.

Don't forget the meaning. 

Also on Valentine's I don't like to forget my mum because like most parents they're there through your lives and then your kids lives which is so long and they do so much! So this year now My boys older I let him put his nans Valentine's bag together with lots of diying and some sentimental items,  although I like to treat Leo like a king on Valentine's Day it's also important for him to learn how to treat others too so on this day my mums the perfect person to help show him love and how to treat others too.

Let me know what you all singletons like to do on Valentine's down below or tweet me at 

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