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John Frieda Miraculous Recovery Deep Conditioner


In honour of the new page added to OnJessica called Crushing that will be updated weekly I thought I would share with you my first crush that I added to the page, the John Frieda Frizz ease Miraculous Recovery Deep Conditioner ( wow what a mouth full ). 

I've given this a good try over the past month to the point my first tub is now completely empty! I think I definitely over used it by using it more than once a week like it recommended but hey who doesn't like super soft hair. From the very first use I saw a dramatic difference especially to the ends of my hair, it was as if my hair had grew a little from washing it but in actual fact my ends just looked super healthy which made it appear a longer. My hair feels and looks the best it has for a long time, after all the dyes, heat and extensions it really has been a miraculous recovery. 

If you love the way your hair smells and feels after leaving a hair salon then this is the product for you the amazing fresh scent lasts days. One thing that also shocked me was when waking up I could still run my finger through my hair without them getting stuck in a nest of tangled hair. I've had friends and my mum asking if I've been to the hairdresser as my hair looks great my reply has been no it's just this one product! With the new look and theme to the frizz ease products I was drawn to them so now when purchasing my next tub I can guarantee I will be trying something else out the range too, what would you guys recommend? 

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