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Cheap Fake Tans I've Used For Years.

Let's talk tans!

I'm no stranger to fake tans and have been using them since the age of 16, I've used many great ones but because I now class myself as a true addict with using them every week using more affordable  alternatives is a must so these 3 are my holy grails.

1. St moriz Tanning Mousse -Dark 
This was the first mousse type tanning product I ever tried and after trying many streaky and potent creams and wipes, I fell in love with this tan straight away, it gave me amazing results completely streak free with golden brown tones unlike the orange tones I looked before. I'm pretty sure most people are very familiar with st moriz and that's because it gets the job done! I get the dark shade so then it lasts all week long with only slight fading.

2. Morrisons instant tan -medium
Morrisons own tanning products are great I've used them all but I particularly love their instant bronzing lotions for the days when I'm feeling a little pale, I don't have time to tan or I have spots I've missed. Some instant tans have been a nightmare in the past by either rubbing off onto your clothes/furniture or having blotchy streaks when it rains, this one doesn't transfer and I have tested it in rain. It's very easy to wash off fully with soap and water but just water it's a little harder which makes it better incase it rains. I get medium because It can be built up If I want a deeper tan, this product lasts so long barely getting through the tube so with the affordable price it's a must.

3. Sunkissed self tanning mousse -dark
I think this is my favourite of all time, it comes out a little lighter than the st moriz dark tan but gives more of a golden effect which is perfect in the summer or if your like me then all year round! I stick to mainly mousses like these because they give me the best effects afterwards whilst lasting 5-7 days. This tan dries super quick and gives you an instant glow with a light fresh smell which to me smells sort of coconutty which I personally love. I urge you all to try any sunkissed tanning products because I've not been disappointed yet, pairing this one with their gradual tanning lotion makes a good combo to keep the glow lasting longer.

Now for some of my tips you could also use:

  • I use any tanning mitt with all tans because nobody likes overly tanned hands.
  • I always use a moisturiser before applying a tan which can sometimes make them take longer to dry but believe me the results make it worth while.
  • When doing my face I use whatever is left on the mitt same with my hands too.
  • I use mousses overnight to wash excess off in the morning.
  • When showering I always use exfoliating gloves to keep tan even whilst fading over the week and also to keep the skin soft and ready for my daily moisturiser.  
Let me know your tan faves id love to try more and maybe add to my all time faves in the future.

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