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W7 Banana Dreams Powder

W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder 

With this powder only being around £7 i can see why it has people talking, my fav the Ben Nye powder in Banana can be around a costly £25 and in popular demand makeup brands remade their own but still keeping the price range higher. This w7 Banana powder is super affordable which has caught the eyes of many beauty lovers and got celebs raving about it.

Ive seen and heard such mixed reviews so I decided to take it on myself, my overall opinion is you get what you pay for. My first impressions were I'm not too sure about this, it felt amazing and blended really easily but this isn't a powder I would pack on under the eyes as the slight yellow shade deepens making it not as bright as I personally like. The packaging is just a standard way a typical loose powder is held with the little holes inside but oh gosh aren't these messy, I already stupidly tipped it upside down so when I reopened the tub a little came out all over my jeans and I had to do the nursery run looking a little silly so be careful ladies! I wore the powder for around 8-9 hours on a busy day and it held up very well, I'm generally not an oily person so I definitely stayed looking pretty matte all day with no creasing under the eyes. My favourite part of this power is the feel of it on my skin, it's so lightweight and only needs a slight dusting to set your face.

I'm definitely going to be trying this a lot more using it with different foundations and contour shades to find the best way to wear this powder. What are you recommendations  to pair with this loose powder or tell me your thoughts ?

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