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Sunday Fashion Toddler Addition- OOTD

Hey everyone, just like last Sunday I've decided to do another fashion post but this time with Leo, my 3 going on 30 year old. Like most Sundays we actually didn't get up to much or even go outside but hey that's  just what those days are for. Leo has been very unwell all week with constant vomiting so this Sunday now he's finally better i used it to catch up on housework and get Leo ready to go back to nursery tomorrow. I decided seen as he'll be playing most of the day to dress him super simple and very cosy with throwing a burgundy coloured fleece jogging bottoms and jacket, believe it or not but they're actually not a set but go so perfectly together. Now my biggest love is his camo backpack which is personalised specially for Leo with a dinosaur because as you can see from his bed yes he loves dinosaurs. I ordered it Friday and every since it arrived Saturday he been inseparable with it ever since and carrying it from room to room with him, he even helped me get his backpack ready for nursery tomorrow.

 Now for the details...

Leo's jogging bottoms came in a 2 pack also with a grey pair for only £8 from George, get them here
Leo's jacket and t-shirt were from nutmeg at Morrisons, unfortunately you can't get them online just yet, Jacket was £6 and Tshirt was £4. Bargain!
The best till last..
Leo's camo backpack was from Dollymix Boutique and was around £14.99, create one here yourself. Also find them on Instagram using the same name to see everybody's pictures.

How do you prefer to dress your children on those lazy type days and what do you do to entertain them in your home?

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