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Procoal activated charcoal teeth whitening powder

Hey good afternoon you lovely lot, I recently had the chance to try out this charcoal activated teeth whitening powder which I've seen all over social media and heard so many people raving about. I'm only 3 days in and really enjoying my results, the people at procoal gave a few facts about this powder which I'd like for you to know.
  • Removes stains and discolouration from the surface of your teeth to significantly whiten and brighten your smile.
  • PROCOAL is 100% natural & vegan. 
  • No additives, preservatives or fluoride.
  • One jar will last 2-3 months which is around 150 uses. 
  • Non-abrasive, it has a premium grade activated charcoal powder formula to lift stain safely.

Now this is a black powder and as you can imagine it can be pretty messy but my trick is to make sure my mouth is as closed as I can get it whilst brushing my teeth because learning from my first experience there were black splatters everywhere from the brushing. They do recommend also using it whilst in the shower which seems a pretty good idea but its whatever works for you. Also make sure to rinse really well afterwards because when rushing early one morning I actually went out with black powder still in my gums, big mistake I was so embarrassed.

There has been no sensitivity problems and amazingly no nasty taste from the powder whatsoever but I can't ignore the negatives which I'll share.... I'm that person who always gets bad luck and bad things always happen to, once receiving an email saying it should be with me in 3-7days I had waited almost 2 weeks, I had emailed and tweeted constantly asking after 7 days and eventually it turns out they were having technical issues with emails and my product had gotten lost in the post. They fixed this issue and sent another straight away which I received in 4 days, so it all worked out on the end which was well worth it because I genuinely don't have a negative word about the actual product. This procoal activated charcoal teeth whitening powder does exactly what it says and in the safest, best way.

Have you tried procoal? If so let me know your thoughts! Or order yours at and also read up on all the benefits and ingredients here too.
if you order quickly it's half price so hurry! 

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