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Tape in Hair Extensions

I'm no hair expert so to all the hair specialists out there please I'm sorry in advance for anything you don't agree with, I guess I'll learn my lesson in the long run. I do my hair myself and have done for years including fitting my own hair extensions including glue, clips and now tape. My hair is shoulder length and naturally very fine, I don't wear extensions for lots of length but mainly for  volume and a slight bit of length.

As you can see I still like to keep my hair pretty short, personal preference but I think it's more natural on me. These are tape ins I have in and honestly I think I've found the best type of hair extensions to wear, they're so comfortable to wear and really feels like your own hair has magically grew hehe for only it really did. You'd think that the tape would just slip right out when washing your hair but trust me they don't, you sandwich two pieces together with just a thin piece of hair in between. Mine can usually last upto 6 weeks with lots of washes, they naturally start loosening or can be loosened with a remover. My trick to getting mine out is to gently massage the tapes with coconut oil and carefully peeling off the hair, the tapes are very discreet and have an almost camouflage effect.

Although having such fine hair can feel so annoying when trying to get volume the one benefit is that when wearing extensions they blend pretty much easily, I do chop into the hair extensions to create my own length and to match my own style. The hair extensions I use are the fabwigs hair extensions which I purchase from Amazon as they offer the prime so I can receive them next day using my account. The colour I get is 6 chestnut brown , if you also use these tape ins my advice would be to get 2 packs and order a shade darker than your hair. Purchasing the correct shade off a computer screen can be difficult but this is my 4th pair so I've been able to get the colour just right this time. I do think having these put in professionally would be best but honestly tape ins aren't damaging and with no hair loss so sometimes it's just about trying and having abit of fun with it, maybe treat yourself later on to have someone do them for you. 

I can put my hair up in a bobble with no obvious signs of wearing hair extensions and create some awesome styles that blend so naturally with my own hair. I really love wearing tape ins they give me such effortless looks from the moment I wake up. 

Let me know your experiences with hair extensions and what you think about them. I'm also always on the lookout for other hair brands to try so let me know your favourite hair to wear. Thanks for reading and any questions just ask :)  keep connected with me for more posts like this .. BA BYE x 

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