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Sunday Fashion Favourites

So it's Sunday and all we want to do is sit back put on Netflix and bury our heads in the snack cupboard, but you can do all that on a Sunday and be productive even if your staying home fresh faced and still in your pjs. Doing the washing up, laundry and sorting through messes can all be classed as productive especially being a mum it can be hard to get the cleaning done anyway.

Sometimes you need to leave the house on a Sunday whether that be to visit friends/family, go to the shops or get general things done. Its also nice to get out on a Sunday if the children have been to schools or nurseries all week to have them special days out. I personally feel that whatever you all do on this day you shouldn't feel the need to dress up and make great effort like you probably have all week but you should stay comfortable and stick to the basics. You can stay productive and stay cosy at the same time, I tend to stick to plain basic jumpers with my favourite pair of stretchy jeans with booties and a big handbag to fit all my secret snacks in for the day.

Jumper: Dorothy Perkins Jeans: Boohoo Bag: Deichmann 

I'd love to stay in my pjs every Sunday but sometimes you just can't so this is what I've decided to wear this Sunday whilst I go and get things done, I did also match my outfit with a pair a suede knee high boots which I can't actually remember where I got them from. For extra warmth while being out and about I threw on a black leather jacket and a oversized cream scarf, but my main Sunday basics for when I have to get dressed are jumpers, jeans and a handbag. What are your Sunday fashion favourites? 

Having plenty of plain clothes in different colours are a must for every wardrobe because for simple outfits that you just throw on they can just all look so put together without having all the little details. To dress simple outfits up all you have to do is add accessories if you have that extra time or want to make that extra effort. 

This was my first fashion post so I've started with a fun simple one but I'd want to go further into details in the future so stay connected and share for more fashion favourites to come. I have some cool ideas to share next year so watch out for them. Thank you for having a read. 

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