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My love for Bootea

A detox right before Christmas? Nah I'm doing another teatox, this could be a bad idea but my mind works in mysterious ways and this year I've decided to get ahead and stay healthy before starting a new year. Gaining a few pounds over the holidays can feel inevitable but using bootea it keeps me feeling healthy, energised and less bloated. This will be my third box of the bootea teatox and I can honestly say this is the most simple and easiest ways of keeping myself on track whilst still having a few treats now and then.

Bootea has really come on since I tried my first box by selling such a bigger range of products from tea to shakes to vitamins and even popcorn plus much more. I stick to the teas as this brings such normality to my day to day life and keeps things simple. The taste of the morning and evening teas are lovely with the evening being my personal favourite but the morning tea gives me the best and fresh start each day. Now let's talk about the laxative effect of the evening tea, there has been horror stories out there but my only advice is to think of yourself and your body because everyone is different and you should generally know how you body should react. Here comes the TMI personally there's no horror story with me this makes me go to the toilet just like normal but much better with no pain or constant toilet trips, but like I do say everyone different. It's definitely worth a try if your thinking about it so just start with a 14 day box, I've had one 14 day box and now two 28 day boxes over a years time. I have lost weight but I wouldn't say is was just from the tea but it's definitely one of the main helps, it makes my tummy flatter and gives with such a light healthy feeling.

My very own thoughts and options on bootea, what are yours?
Any questions please ask I'd love to talk about more and also visit the site and take a look around.
I'm now day 4 into my third box of Bootea so stay connected to see how I'm getting on so close to Christmas, is this a good idea? We'll soon see...

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