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Modelsown Dare To Bare Lipstick

Hey there, the plague hit the house a few days ago so whilst taking a little break the day has finally came and I NEED to catch up on housework, laundry and basically get myself together. So today I have a kinda short post but also something that is such a favourite of mine that it deserved it's very own rave.

Modelsown is a brand I love for a number of reasons; it's affordable, great quality and also keeps up with great trends. They recently brought out the Dare to Bare semi-matte lipsticks in 5 nude like shades which seemed to just speak to me. After speaking to a staff member at a modelsown nail polish pop up she pointed me straight to these and picked out the perfect shade I was trying to describe. I was that typical girl who went trying to explain what I want saying " I want a nude not too pinky not too bare but matte something with a darker tone but still nude and something that will go with a lot of different looks" the staff are so understanding and she just got me straight away.

After choosing the perfect shade I wanted I didn't question it, I bought it and tried it out that very day.  The product claims to be long- lasting and velvety, because it's semi-matte it does feel very velvety but still has that matte look which it great. Long- lasting oh yes i can get a full day of wearing this without any re applications. Since I bought this lipstick I've honestly wore it everyday since, I typically change it up everyday but this product has me stuck.

The formula contains coconut & rosehip oils that make your lips feel hydrated which at this time of year you need. It's a full coverage rich colour which I think helps it be so long lasting, with the price being only £6.99 it's worth snapping up and trying out because I've found the one lipstick that will always be my go to formula and shade. (Shade Below)

I'm looking forward to trying other products out in the Dare To Bare range so if you've tried them let me know what you think...


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