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Lone Parenting and Proud

Lone parenting is not easy it's something I've had to figure out how to do in my own way myself, but it's also something I'm continuously still learning to do everyday.  My son (Leo) is 3 but I haven't brought him up alone from birth, his father left his life just after he turned 2 and up until 5-6 months ago I fought so hard to keep him in Leo's life. I can't comment on why on his behalf because that's not what I want to chat about but all I can say is that's what he wants and I cannot change that. I first struggled so hard to come to terms with doing it alone and also feared how others would see my situation, it was a mental battle I had with myself daily. After months of more downs with tiredness taking over, anxiety becoming unbearable and seeing no sight of a life outside of being Leo's mum I then started noticing changes in myself.

The strong love I have for my son made me see I have to do my best which made my confidence grow naturally and made my anxiety much easier to control. I realised the days I didn't get dressed and wasn't productive just made me be less tired and more productive on other days. Seeing Leo happy and smiling at the little things in life made me know I'm doing okay and giving myself the pressure of being the best parent is unrealistic. I noticed when friends would catch up they would make the comment of me being so strong which made me feel so proud of my life and all that I do including the hard time and the days I feel I'm failing, after getting through the tough moments I then know I'm okay Leo's okay and that's all that matters.

Finding a life outside of just being a mum is something I'm still on a journey to find but this blog is my start, as you may already know being a lone parent is more difficult with Leo as he is also on the autism pathway which means there's a lot more struggles we have to concur together everyday. I find it so hard and difficult but I also have lots of fun and concentrate on the future which makes me feel happy.

Let's get all the mums talking and sharing thoughts, we all need to look out for each other! I'd love to hear everyones stories because knowledge is everything when parenting alone, there's so such thing as parenting correctly but getting advice from friends, family or other parents is the best thing a tired mother banging her head against a wall can receive. I want everyone to feel like having abit of a moan here is okay I think we all do it from time to time I'm guilty of this. One piece of advice I can give it to say to yourself...

I'm proud, happy and deserve a glass of wine ( or the last piece of chocolate ).

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