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Children that don't understand Santa or Christmas

Well if any mums are going through this right now then I'm right with you, my little man (Leo) is 3 and with global developmental delays comes the struggle to understand certain things Christmas being one of them. Movies are a big help but I also always make more of an effort to showing Leo Santa and placing a Santa ornament on the tree just above the presents underneath.

Christmas time is when families get together and children get excited for the festivities as well as the present opening, for Leo this is a different story he wants to stay home more and hates crowded places. Christmas morning can feel hard when he also doesn't want to open presents and wants to play with toys he already has. Leo's only 3 so in time I know eventually he's going to be excited at Christmas but for now my main aim is to make special routines and traditions just for us at this time of year.

Incorporating the fun things the children love to do and putting a Christmassy twist on them makes it more fun for parent and child. I think the main way to enjoy Christmas is by just all being together and making many traditions. I'm no expert in parenting or don't really have much advice for mums going through the same so I really want your advice,tips or tricks to helping a child with the whole understanding of Christmas and also a way of helping a child get more excited. I look forward to hearing them here or over on my social media, which ever suits you better :) I need your help on the run up to the 25th!

We're counting down the days using our chocolate advent calendars, making reindeer food and counting each present appearing under the tree. Also watching our top picks of Christmas films... Elf....Polar Express.....Home Alone....Santa Claus. What are your favourite Christmas movies?

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