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Best things about Christmas time

Hey I have some fun things coming up soon but for now I'm going to share the best things about this time of year. Christmas is amazing not just for the gifts or the family time but also for the way it makes most feel, especially the children. Now let's start with something that just gives me all the feels.

Christmas movies
It's the one time of year where everyone embraces them and has them on repeat all month waiting for the 25th, Christmas movies always put me in a great mood and always help my little one get a real understanding of the countdown.

Decorating the tree
This year I've gone for a different colour scheme for my tree but also this year I've added ornaments my sons made from nursery. Making it a family effort to put the tree up is a great tradition and really helps everyone get together and make more memories. Looking at your tree daily after having your friends or families help will make you smile trust me.

The Food
This is when supermarkets bring out more party foods, treats and gingerbread houses. Restaurants start doing themed food on the menus too, oh it's so hard to stay healthy this time of year. With the boxes of chocolates as gifts and the huge Christmas dinners on the 25th we're all going to be in food comas this month.

Christmas jumpers
Over the years we either build up a collection or go out and buy a new one each year, which ever it is it just means most people will be rocking them and proudly too! The ugly sweater parties/days has really become a trend and I think it's great especially when you can be trendy and keep warm at the same time. Even the kids join in too!

Jumper from:  mothercare 

Now I could reel off a load more but I'd love to hear what any one else loves about this time of year? I could definitely tell you more so I look forward to talking about them with you.
 Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you have a great week on the countdown to Christmas. Ba bye 

Jessica, Leo .

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