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Oh hello again...

I'm back with a fresh start, oh how my life has changed over that past year of doing a disappearing act on my lovely readers, for that i am very sorry. Life can put you into difficult times and that's exactly where I've been, it's been such a rollercoaster of a ride but like they always say things happen for a reason. Let's start over if you'll have me?

I'm Jessica, just a typical girly girl here loving beauty along with the best part, the art of make up. Fashion is fun and new trends are exciting but the struggle to stay fashionable is real! Although, the constant Pinterest searches for new fashion ideas to pin will always be my hobby when I get a spare 5 minutes.

Lifestyle will be a big part of this blog but it's something I had to really think about and also question myself about, the main reason the old blog fell apart was because I was showing a sort of lifestyle that just wasn't real and wasn't me. Along with weight loss goals, fun days and things I generally do in life there's another huge part of my life I want to speak out about...

I'm a mum to a very special little boy called Leo, he's 3 years old and honestly the most amazing human being EVER! He's amazing for a number of reasons but the one main reason is that Leo is on the autism pathway and struggles daily but still pulls the best cheesy smiles through his hard times. This is something I will be going more indepth about in the future, I also lone parent Leo so as well as sharing good moments I'll also be sharing the hard times and basically having abit of a moan. I like to call moaning my therapy hehe.

Using my voice for autism and developmental delays in children is something I'd like to try whilst using my experiences and future ones in our journey ahead. But I'm still me so as well as being Leo's mum I'm also Jessica, and not to blow my own trumpet but I think Leo's got a pretty cool mum so I hope you will enjoy getting to know me too.

I have some exciting plans to come on here so stay connected with me and I won't disappoint, I'd love any feedback, questions or a chat either down below or on any of my social media. Look forward to chatting very soon as Leo would say BA BYE ( for now) X



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