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So I Got Lip Injections, Beware Scary Images!

Most of you will probably scroll straight to the images which is fine I'm guilty of doing that too sometimes but if you have stayed to read then hello and thank you!

Now I've never really had a problem with my lips but after years of using lip plumper's that never seem to work as well as I'd like i soon started looking into lip injections just to have a slight more umph to my lips. I'd talked myself out of doing this for so long after reading horror stories and knowing i don't have a real problem with the shape and look of them, edging closer to Christmas i really wanted to do something for me and something to make myself just feel good so myself and a friend booked an appointment and took the yolo lifestyle. Here's an old selfie before they were done...

At the consultation i expressed how i do really like my shape but id just like them to appear more plump and also i didn't like how when i smiled my top lip would shrink to near nothing. The aesthetic nurse practitioner who I'd done my research on was so lovely and kept me calm, i opted to have 0.5 mls which is the least amount which she stated will do just what i was asking for. After the numbing cream had done its job i laid back and kept my eyes closed the whole time, you may be wondering was it painful? Well.. I'm not going to lie, yes it hurt but it was a bearable pain that didn't last too long and the feeling of the filler going in was the worst just because of how weird it felt. When it had finished and i took my first look i loved them that much that it shocked me, but now for the part i was warned about.. Bruising and swelling, some people bruise a lot or not at all but i was somewhere in between and same with swelling too.

Top picture is a few hours after with bruising, and bottom is 24+hours after with bruising and my most swelled time of them healing.

You may be thinking ouch did they hurt after but no not at all, the swelling in the bottom picture looks scary but that swelling only lasted a few hours and wasn't uncomfortable, whereas the bruise on my top lip did last around a week and half but abit of lippy covered it nicely. Now for a month later...

With and without lipstick 

I still really like them and I'm so happy i tried them out, Lip injections last for around 4-6 months depending on your metabolism so then next question is will i get them done again and yes i think i will do especially now i know I've had a very safe and controlled experience then i don't see why not. 
So many things can go wrong so please if anyone gets them done do your research and be prepared. I've never been against having any work done to yourself as long it really is for me and nobody else, there may be people thinking love yourself for who you are and they are completely right too! I have so many insecurities that i wish i could change and if i had that chance to get them changed or fixed then i would jump at that. I would never do anything extreme, i always want to stay my natural self but small things as i see them as improvements other than changes.

If anyone was thinking about getting their lips done then my main advice is to take time to think about and ask friends or family their opinions because the most honest will really help you and if you still want to do it then you will know your really doing it for you and that's what matters.

When i first told my mother she said the best thing... "I'd prefer it if you didn't because your already beautiful but i cant and wont stop you so i will support you if you decide to do it" So i did you, well i was always one to go against what my parents wanted oops ha ha. still to this day she says she cant even see a difference but i think she's just secretly a lil salty that i did it, sorry mum no more for a long time!

if you've anything small done share your stories with me too and lets be friends!

I'm Back!!

Hello again blog world and hello to 2018! Please bare with me as i try and integrate myself back in, if you've only just stumbled across my little blog then welcome I'm Jessica, 23 and a single mum to one gorgeous little boy (Leo) who is now 4. I love beauty, fashion, all the girly things but mostly i love being a mother and everything that comes with the title even including the hard times (they teach us a lot). I pride myself on being a strong independent women who is constantly building myself on becoming the boss babe i feel i will be. Want to ride with me then let's be friends!

If you've followed along with me last year then hello again I'm ever so sorry to leave you so abruptly, my lifestyle has changed ever so slightly but i can get into that at a later date but my main reason for taking unplanned time out was for my son. You may already know but he was on the autism pathway and later on in the year i had a lot of hospital appointments, meetings and meltdowns to deal with. Leo had also started having more seizures which caused his behaviour to change for weeks at a time.
The 21st of December 2017 was the day he was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder , a disorder i always knew was coming. Any parents with autistic children out there may understand this but after receiving the news even though i knew we was going to get it, i soon started grieving the life i thought we would always have even from the day i saw those two lines on a stick. Life never is how you expect it, for me it has turned out to be the right life for me. 

I love my Leo with everything i have and making him happy is what i live for, i will be getting into him and his disability in a later post. 
Today I'm back and here with a strength that i had wiped out of me towards the end of last year, but it's here to stay only this strength is a whole lot stronger!

I do hope everyone had a great a great Christmas a new year but lets all keep looking forward a take life as it comes together.

I have loads of exciting things planned this year and i will be sharing our journey with you all, but i also still have a great passion for makeup, beauty and fashion styling so there will be some of them thrown into the mix too. If it's something you think you'd like to read every so often then follow along with OnJessica I'd be delighted to have you!

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Autumn Ready w/ Boutique Of Molly


                                                          ONJESSICA20 for 20% off

It's the perfect time to start talking about Autumn right? i think so especially with the chill in the air and i mean it is September now, where did this year go?!

I'm back again with but this time with clothing and just like their bags i love the fashion too. I chose two of items in my favourite colour to wear this time of year and that's this khaki green shade.


This longline belted waterfall cardigan is so versatile adding extra layers and giving that boss babe look to any outfit, I've gotten so much wear from this cardigan already making it so easy for me to love it. My favourite part is the belt which i prefer to tie at the back as shown above giving me a more fitted yet casual look. 
I'm wearing a size S/M and feel that it is true to size, i usually wear the KERI with jeans and a plain tee but this can also be dressed up, i especially love it with an LBD and heels too.


Cold shoulder tops have been big this year so why not carry on the trend this autumn too, the first thing that attracted me to the ANGIE top was the lazer cut detail because adding that detail into a cold shoulder top with short sleeves is different and i have nothing else like it in my wardrobe. This top also has side slits with a dipped hem at the back as shown above, i really like this because at autumn time i always like to wear leggings boots and a top to cover the booty just in case of that dreaded see-through leggings fail i tend to go through more than id like to admit.
I'm wearing a size 12 which fits me lovely, the side slits make it loose around the hips while keeping it tight around the waist, i love that as my waist it my favourite part i like.

And that's my 2 pieces, let me know which is your favourite!
Don't forget to check out because they have so much more and if anything catches your eye 
for 20% off

Tag me too i'd love to see what your trying out too!

Sensse Go! Mini Sonic Cleansing Brush

Hey, I'm back with more Sensse !! This time i have been testing out this mini sonic cleansing brush perfect for on the go and travelling but just like last time with the Sensse Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush (read post HERE) i will be letting you in on few things about the brush before i tell you how i got on..

  • Travel-sized for on the go fresher smoother and softer skin 🎀. 
  •  Fights acne and blemishes by exfoliating dead skin cells 🎀. 
  • Water proof so can be used in the shower or bath with a built in battery that is easily recharged with the included USB cable 🎀.
  •  2 brush heads and 2 speed settings to choose from depending on your routine 🎀. 

So How Did I Get On..

So again the brush came fully charged and in the beautiful white box with rose gold details. I was so excited to use this brush because unlike the other this will take off all your make up minus the eyes but with all the makeup i play around with some days i was really nervous about staining or ruining the brush.

Firstly i took off my eye make up with a gentle make up remover then started on my face, now i had a lot of matte foundation on so i definitely put it to the test on my first use. I put cleanser on the middle of the brush turned it to low speed and away i went, I'm so glad that this brush is waterproof because as i learnt from my first use when its put on the high speed cleaner and water will spray off the brush everywhere plus the brush gets so packed up with face make up that its so easy just dunk in some water to wash some off and go again. My main worry was staining the beautiful brush and making it look ugly but I've used this every day for a week and its still perfectly white which is great!

Now the other brush head which is for exfoliation which is only recommended for once a week compared to the cleansing brush which is ideal for everyday use, it's pretty easy to use after removing make up and isn't too harsh on the face either. After using both brush heads my face felt as if it had given me brand new skin, it felt so soft and amazing.

I've been going back and forth to think of which brush i prefer either the silicone or the sonic but i just can't decide so i use the silicone in a morning and the sonic on an evening. This routine gives me beautifully prepped skin ready for make up and clean radiant skin on and evening after removing my make up. Perfect! 

Any questions about this sonic cleansing brush then please ask!

 I'm really enjoying my new skincare regime thanks to Sensse, let me know your favourite part of you skincare regime?

Making Movie Nights Extra Special

Hey !! I hope everyone is having a lovely week, for me it hasn't been the worst but it also definitely hasn't been the best. Summer holidays have officially kicked off here and with a big routine change like this comes lots of meltdowns so i think by the end of this week I'll either be fully grey or have just pulled all my hair out, by week 2 things will be better (hopefully).

So although i have a few exciting reviews come up, in these summer holidays i will be incorporating more mummy type posts and share what we've been up to and maybe give others ideas too. Most will be up across social media first so make sure you follow and keep connected >

Family Movie night

So the first weekend of the holidays i wanted to do something a little extra special to celebrate but the weather was awful so i actually looked across pinterest to see any indoor activities to do then i found a movie night, now i know having a movie night for me at least is like almost every night but pinterest inspired me and gave me more ideas of how to make it special and different, if i gave myself more time i could of made it so much more magical but being my excited self i wanted it for the very next evening. First i had to make cute signs, paint a cardboard box black and go to the shops to get a few other supplies.

Although there is just me and Leo it's good to buy big packs of things so these nights can be repeated. Next was to set up the snack table and position the signs ...

Where's the popcorn?! Well Leo actually doesn't like popcorn and well i kinda forgot about myself when getting a few snacks so i stuck to my green juice and peanuts while Leo had his blackcurrant juice, magic stars and party rings. Next was to create a cosy place to watch his selected favourite movies... 

I originally wanted to have some sort of mattress on the floor but last minute i grabbed as many duvets , pillows and blankets. The outcome was pretty great and as you can see Leo found it pretty comfortable and chilled.

After watching 2 of his most beloved movies he actually fell to sleep downstairs right there which is very unlike him so i know he was cosy and happy. After carrying the cutie to his bed i actually stayed on the floor bed for another hour by myself to watch big brother (last minute me time, Needed!)  I think next time i may just do this idea but make it a movie day because the movie night was so lovely that it just didn't feel long enough.

Let me know your favourite things to do on movie nights !

Coming up next... Leo's first time at the cinemas, because he really enjoyed movie night and as you can see by his pj's he's a huge cars fan so i will be taking him to see cars 3, so if any mums have any advice for a child's first cinema trip get in touch!!

Coming up in the holidays... Planning a day/2 days trip to the seaside via train (he loves trains) so posts or advice on essentials to take would be great too!

Thank you for reading 
Jessica And Leo